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Springs are part of your suspension system, without them, every ride would be a bumpy one.

Coil springs are the most common automotive springs. The coil spring is nothing more than a steel bar that has been bent into a flexible coil. The spring absorbs shock forces by compressing in and recoiling back to its original spring height. Coil springs can be located between control arms, frame and control arms and in most strut assemblies.

Most coil springs fail due to constant overloading, excessive up and down movement or just a general breakdown due to metal fatigue. Springs can also corrode and rust, especially in northern and Midwestern states where there is a lot of road salt during the winter.

How do you know if you have a suspension problem? Youíll probably feel it if a spring fails, your ride will become hard and jarring. Failed shocks may result in excessive ďbouncingĒ or up and down movement of your carís front or back end. It may also become harder to steer, and could feel like your vehicle is pulling to the left or right.

Itís recommended you have your suspension system checked every 12,000 miles or 12 months.. "Donít Worry. . .Call San Diego Auto Shop










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