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Water Pumps


Your carís water pump is the heart of your carís cooling system. It needs to continuously circulate engine coolant from the radiator to the engine and then back again. If your carís water pump fails your car will run hot, overheat and cease to function. The water pump is operated by your carís engine. Using either a belt and pulley or a gear or chain the power is transferred to a shaft on which there is an impeller (or small propeller). The impeller circulates coolant while spinning on a bearing. The bearing is the part of the water pump that typically fails first.

Fortunately a water pump that needs repair, replacement or needs to be rebuilt will offer a few warning signs. Initially your water pump may leak coolant. It might also make a noise as the bearing wears down. So keep a look out for coolant leaks from the water pump itself or the surrounding engine area, and listen for any unusual sounds coming from your engine. These signs could indicate a problem.

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